Hello and welcome to The Official Site of Jim Lunsford.

My name is Jim Lunsford. I don’t need an official site, but since I can call this place whatever I want, why not?

Who am I? In short, I’m a family guy who works in law enforcement and enjoys spending his free hanging out with his family and working out. I wrote a little about me page so you can find out more. I also keep my resume updated on LinkedIn if you want to check it out.

If you want to connect with me on social media, there is only one place to do it. You can find me on TWiT.social at https://twit.social/@jim. I have discontinued my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and my Facebook account is only for close friends and family.

I have a blog on this website if you want to check it out. You should go there now and leave a reply. Otherwise, it’s just me posting stuff to the great abyss of the Internet. You’ll have to register, but don’t worry, I don’t collect your information and sell it to anyone.

And that about sums up this site. See? I’m not worthy of having an official site. I’m just a guy who does some things that has a domain name and some server space. Somewhat average. Rather boring.

Thanks for stopping…