Hello and welcome to The Official Site of Jim Lunsford.

My name is Jim Lunsford. I don’t need an official site, but since I can call this place whatever I want, why not?

Who am I? In short, I’m a family guy who works in law enforcement and enjoys spending his free hanging out with his family and working out. I wrote a little about me page so you can find out more. I also keep my resume updated on LinkedIn if you want to check it out.

I don’t actively post to social media. I’m a man of few words, and I don’t have much time on my hands. If I have something to share, I do it on my blog. You should go there now, check it out, and leave a reply. Otherwise, it’s just me posting stuff to the great abyss of the Internet. You’ll have to register but don’t worry, I don’t collect your information and sell it to anyone.

And that about sums up this site. See? I’m not worthy of having an official site. I’m just a guy who does some things that has a domain name and some server space. Somewhat average. Rather boring.

Thanks for stopping…