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One of my favorites. I've used this philosophy so many times with many situations and challenges since 2015 to get me where I am both mentally and physically. Start crawling and see where it leads you!

I cannot wait to get off of night shift. It sucks the life out of me just like in this picture.

I swear every shared hosting provider has a quirk or a limitation. Really wish I was better at server management or I would just run my own.

If you are using this for the 'we don't get paid enough argument' don't! Ya'll get paid pretty damn well for only being required to work 190 days. There are a lot of us out here working for less all year round!

Proof that we've been doing this thing we do since 1994! Picture was from the end of that year and taken at Sears Portrait Studio.

So in my never ending quest to get a decent picture of the moon this one came out kinda cool.

Friday 6/28/19 will be the Nashville Night Out with food provided by the Sugar Creek BBQ company. There will be music, dancing, a bounce house and much more! Come out to the intersection of Jefferson and Main Streets from 6PM-9PM and meet First Responders from all local agencies.

Got to see the grandboys today. Sebastian met me at the door. I miss the little guys.

"You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'." ~ Homer Simpson

Since there has been so much talk about transgender issues I thought I would come out and share my struggle with the world.

I am transfinancial.

I really am a rich man trapped in a poor man's body. Please send me money and lots of it so I can be myself!

I'm at Brown County Law Enforcement Center! "Three days off after tonight... Yeeeeeessssssss"

I'm at Brown County Law Enforcement Center! "Back @ it."

He's got a point.


Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries.. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it..... I almost shot a MF creeping up to my crib last night.... Just sayin.


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