05-28-2022 – Known

I spent yesterday playing with Known. I really like the simplicity and speed of the software. I want to switch from WordPress, but the latest release is from 2020. It appears to be being worked on at Github, but I don’t want to change to a dead or dying project. Does anyone know the status? I have an email into the developers.

05-27-2022 – My New To Me Car

2012 Chevy Impala

Recently my employer decided not to allow us to take our vehicles home and use them when we are off duty. The bad part about that was that I had just sold my personal vehicle a couple of weeks before that decision. I bought this 2012 Chevy Impala from a co-worker, and while it is ten years old, it is in perfect condition. Honestly, it is the most excellent car I’ve ever driven. I’ve always let the wife drive the nice cars, and I just used what could get me back and forth to work. I drove a retired utility company 1984 Ford truck, for the longest time. It got me where I needed to be! It is nice to get a comfortable and decent-looking ride finally.

05-27-2022 – Being Unsocial

I haven’t posted anything to this site in over a month. I also haven’t posted anything to any of the social networks. I really just haven’t had the time to be social. My full-time job keeps me very busy along with my part-time gigs. My personal life keeps me equally busy, leaving little time for anything else. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying. Anyway, just letting you know I am still alive and kicking. Just busy!

04-22-2022 – Random K9 Memes

Yep. Got that face back when I was busting shoplifters. Still get that face when I’m hanging out in the backyard watching for squirters on a warrant service.

Fur missiles are awesome partners to have. The “teaching idiots not to run” is from a shirt I found. I won’t be mad if someone buys it for me.