And I’m back

A couple of weeks ago I did a thing. I decided to remove all posts from this site and start over. Why? Well, because after going over what I had previously posted I realized I was trying too hard to be something I’m not. What is that you ask? A writer. You see, I do have stuff I want to share with the world. I’m just not good at writing long-form posts. I’m more of a quick blurb or text that will fit into a tweet kid of guy. Many times when I sat down to write my previous posts I got held up by worrying about proper grammar, wording, sentence structure, and all that jazz. I was overthinking everything and so the message that got delivered in those posts was not exactly an accurate reflection of what I wanted to say.  So moving forward here is how it’s going to go. If I have something to share, don’t expect perfection. It’s probably going to be short, it’s probably going to be mind-numbingly grammatically wrong, but it’s going to be something that I felt worthy enough to post about the way I intended it to be.

Author: Jim Lunsford

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