Busy Week

Normally I have Mondays and Tuesdays off but this week is so busy I have to start my work week today. Not only do I have a bunch of stuff going on at work I also have an extreme amount of personal stuff going on this week.

At work, we are redoing my CCTV system starting today. I basically have to dismantle my current system and put new DVRs in place. I inherited a mess of wires so this could be problematic. On top of that, there is always criminal behavior that happens and I have to deal with. It seems to be on an upswing so having my CCTV system down at the same time is going to make things difficult.

In my personal life, I have my daughter celebrating her 18th birthday and my youngest grandson celebrating his 3rd birthday. Both are having parties so I better be there. I also have a job interview this week for a part-time position with my local sheriff’s department. I’ve been wanting to get a position with them for a long time now so keep your fingers crossed, please.

Even though this week is busier than most it’s still going to be a good one. I hope yours is as well.

Author: Jim Lunsford

Just a guy who does the things....