Happy birthday but we’ve changed

Thursday was my daughter’s 18th birthday. We had a small family get-together to celebrate.

As I said on my private Facebook account:

She’s the reason I cannot watch any show with meaningful dialogue while she is in the room.

She’s the reason I cannot walk through the house without tripping.

She’s the reason why I feel like I’ve been hit by an F5 tornado when she walks through the front door.

But she’s also one of the reasons I am sober and also not dead so she gets away with the insanity.

She is 18 today.

Happy birthday, ‘lil girl!

I love you!

I owe so much to my daughter. She was at ground zero when I was at my worst. She was also there as I was getting sober and learning to be human again. While everyone around me gave up and left, she didn’t. She stayed by my side. In return, I will always stay by hers. That’s how we roll.

Here are a couple of pictures of us that were taken five years apart. The first was before I got clean. The second is from her birthday party on Thursday. My, my, my how we’ve changed.




Author: Jim Lunsford

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