How I Spent My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. There wasn’t an elaborate party. I don’t have those. What did I do? Work.

I started my day off normally by eating a healthy breakfast, drinking some coffee, and playing a few matches of Call of Duty Mobile. After that, I did a morning workout focusing on my abs, triceps, and biceps. Then it was time to shower and head off to work.

Work has been very busy lately and yesterday was no exception. I was doing what I do and having a good time with it until one particular offender walked into my life. It’s not really so much the offender that was the problem. He was actually cooperative. It was the fact that dispatch didn’t put out my call for a uniformed officer properly so, therefore, the offender and I had to wait for an hour and forty-five minutes in a room without airconditioning. That was not fun for either of us and certainly not the way I wanted to spend my birthday. (or any day)

However, once work was over and I was home I was treated to a slice of ice cream cake to celebrate the day. So I opened up a few birthday cards, enjoyed my ice cream cake, and shared what happened at work with my family. That’s a good enough party for me.

Note – Despite some of the statistics that are coming out crime is not on the decrease. It’s stayed the same but many states/counties have not been accepting people in their jails due to COVID for misdemeanor crimes. So the numbers are skewed. Anyway, despite if jail will take an offender I still have to catch the offender and process them. That’s the job. That’s what I do.


Author: Jim Lunsford

Just a guy who does the things....