04-10-2022 – Addiction and Recovery

I could sit around all day and think about what my addictions took away. The relationships they destroyed. The monetary loss. The time.

Instead, I choose to think about how beating my addictions made me a better human being. I love and appreciate others instead of just myself. I am disciplined, focused, and forward-thinking.

Dwelling on the negative will only hold you back in your recovery. Recognizing the positives, big or small, will keep you moving toward success.

04-04-2022 – Addiction and Recovery

After meeting with a group of recovering addicts this weekend I was inspired to talk about my story again.

I will be 7 years clean on August 2nd of this year. A lot of time has passed but the feeling of accomplishment after beating my demons never goes away. I made it through the darkness and became a better person than I was before the addictions set in.

If you are struggling with addiction I want you to know that recovery is possible. It will not be easy. You will struggle. Just stay focused, fight like hell, and walk away a badass like I did. You can do it. I believe in you.

Jim Lunsford