What to do during an active shooter incident.

Active shooter incidents are a tragic and terrifying reality in our society. The likelihood of being caught in such an event may be small, but it is crucial to be prepared in case the worst should happen. As a civilian, knowing how to react in an active shooter incident could save your life. Here are some tips to help you stay safe.

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Law enforcement officer report writing techniques.

Report writing is an essential part of the job for any law enforcement officer. A well-written report can help to accurately document an incident and provide evidence for a court case. Officers should keep a few essential techniques in mind when writing effective reports.

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Situational awareness in law enforcement.

As a law enforcement officer, situational awareness is a critical skill that can help you to stay safe and effectively respond to potentially dangerous situations. Situational awareness is the ability to understand what is happening around you in your environment and to anticipate potential threats or hazards.

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Why you should use Kubuntu and how to install it.

If you’re considering switching to a new operating system, you may wonder why you should choose Kubuntu over the other options available. Here are just a few reasons why Kubuntu is an excellent choice for users of all levels:

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What is the Broken Windows Theory?

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that suggests that visible signs of crime, disorder, and anti-social behavior create an environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including more serious crimes. This theory suggests that policing practices that target minor offenses, such as vandalism, fare evasion, and public intoxication, can reduce more serious crimes.

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