I picked a bad time to start running again

About six months ago I stopped running consistently. I was having a hard time gaining muscle mass and all of the ‘pro tips’ I was reading said that running was bad for that. I can’t say that the experts are wrong because I have gained mass.

A couple of weeks ago I got the urge to start running again though. I missed it. So I decided to start running no more than twice a week just to take care of the urge. I’ve enjoyed the runs I’ve been on so far since I started again. It always helps me clear my head. The only problem is that we are now in the middle of winter here in the Midwest United States so it’s cold out. Why couldn’t I have gotten the urge to run again in the spring? Oh well.

A quick note about my fitness posts

I want to say that when I post about what I do as far as strength training or fitness that I am not an expert. Yes, I have lost 150 lbs. in the last five years, and yes, I have made significant gains in muscle development. I however make mistakes and continue to learn from those that are experts. I just share what I do to hopefully inspire others.