I hate repeating myself 09/18/2018

It appears that IFTTT, the service I use to post my fitness summary and other content to this site is creating duplicate posts when doing so. This is definitely not good because I don’t think it is fixable. I would like to apologize for spamming the interwebbies.


Location is back!

In previous versions of this website, I was able to share my location when I chose to do so. However, with the changes in the way Google Maps works it broke and I took that functionality down. (I was also overly paranoid about what I was posting online at the time.) Now I am able to do so once again but I am not able to show my location on a map any longer. That functionality may return at some point. I just don’t have the motivation to work the details out. 

Time to get my day started 09-02-2018

So after a couple of hours of fumbling around with WordPress this morning, it’s time to get my day started and do so actual real life stuff. What did I actually accomplish though while fumbling around — 

  1. Chose to use the default WordPress 2016 theme. It’s not pretty. It’s not shiny. What it does though is give you the reader of this website the information I want to give you clearly in black and white plain text and it looks good in both mobile or desktop formats. 
  2. Connected bit.ly to this WordPress install and also set up bit.ly to use a custom domain. Now when WordPress generates a short link it will be from my domain j1m.pw.
  3. Connected this WordPress install to my Twitter account. When I post something here a link will be sent to Twitter. I used the WordPress Plugin WP to Twitter to achieve this. It also utilizes my custom domain j1m.pw that I connected to bit.ly.

Not sure what real life has in store for me today. Today is a day off from my real life job so anything is possible.

It’s time to get back to the way it was

Before the Twitters… before the Facebooks… we had blogs and websites. We didn’t play by rules dictated to us by people that make money off our data… we made the rules. It’s time to get back to that. For me, I am siloing all my data into this site and then aggregating to the sites that I chose to get that data starting today.