Join my Orna kingdom!

I do not have any ‘real world’ friends playing Orna. (an Android-only RPG) I recently hit level 100 and created my own kingdom but since I have no ‘real world’ friends playing the game I do not have anyone in my kingdom. If you play Orna and aren’t in a kingdom join my kingdom ‘The Kingdom of OMEGA’!

Don’t have the game? You can’t get more info here –


BuddyPress theme disappointments – 09/27/2018

I’m working on a web project and I’m going to use BuddyPress since it is a network site. Whenever I use BuddyPress I’m always perplexed why there are not any good free themes available for download. I decided to go with the Customizr theme that is for WordPress/BuddyPress for now and see how that goes. Still, if BuddyPress is as widely used as they state it is you would think there would be more free theme options.

Goal Achieved! – Reserve Officer at the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department – 9-22-2018

I have been working towards starting a career in law enforcement for a couple of years now and recently I had the opportunity to apply for a Reserve Officer for the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. After a written test, a physical test (ILEA entry standards) and an interview with the merit board I have been given a position on the department. I am very grateful for the opportunity and look forward to serving the community.

Location is back!

In previous versions of this website, I was able to share my location when I chose to do so. However, with the changes in the way Google Maps works it broke and I took that functionality down. (I was also overly paranoid about what I was posting online at the time.) Now I am able to do so once again but I am not able to show my location on a map any longer. That functionality may return at some point. I just don’t have the motivation to work the details out. 

Time to get my day started 09-02-2018

So after a couple of hours of fumbling around with WordPress this morning, it’s time to get my day started and do so actual real life stuff. What did I actually accomplish though while fumbling around — 

  1. Chose to use the default WordPress 2016 theme. It’s not pretty. It’s not shiny. What it does though is give you the reader of this website the information I want to give you clearly in black and white plain text and it looks good in both mobile or desktop formats. 
  2. Connected to this WordPress install and also set up to use a custom domain. Now when WordPress generates a short link it will be from my domain
  3. Connected this WordPress install to my Twitter account. When I post something here a link will be sent to Twitter. I used the WordPress Plugin WP to Twitter to achieve this. It also utilizes my custom domain that I connected to

Not sure what real life has in store for me today. Today is a day off from my real life job so anything is possible.