Donate – Help the boys!

Recently, my wife and I had to take guardianship over our two oldest grandkids, Garrett and Sebastian. I would rather not go into detail on why this had to happen. I will only say that the boys would have ended up in the foster care system if we did not do this. That was not an option.

Garrett is six, and Sebastian is five. They were born fourteen months apart. Garrett is in 1st grade, and Sebastian is in pre-kindergarten. Both attend a private Christian school thanks to the generosity of my parents. From their reports from their teachers, both boys are doing well. That’s a blessing.

Since they are so close in age, their interests are much the same. Both like what typical kids do, video games and toys. Garrett has a rock collection and enjoys more analytical and organized activities. In contrast, Sebastion enjoys his Fortnite, hip-hop music, and running wild. Neither are into sports, but they have never been encouraged. We have discussed testing the waters with both of them and getting them into an organized sport soon.

Now that you know them a little, let me tell you what they need. While my wife and I are happy two help the kids, our budget isn’t set up for a family of four. Sure we provide a little more than just the bare necessities. They have a roof over their head, and they are well-fed. We are struggling with some large purchases we will have to make to keep them comfortable and healthy. We are also struggling with some significant clothing purchases we will have to make because of the weather change and the fact that these are two growing boys.

How can you help? I am already working several jobs to keep us afloat. I don’t mind and am not complaining. Kelly is busy taking care of her health issues and managing the circus that we live in. She is giving it her all. So to provide everything these boys deserve, we ask for help from the interwebs. Please consider using the PayPay, CashApp, or Venmo links below if you have some extra money to share.

I promise you this is not a scam, and your money will go directly to supporting the boys. We appreciate any help you can offer.

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