Today the Call of Duty Season 2 update went live. For a full rundown of what was added or changed in the update see this post on Reddit.

The most notable addition in this update is Zombie Mode. There are two modes within Zombie Mode; Raid Mode and Survival Mode. I’ve run a few raids in Zombie Mode but have yet to play Survival Mode. Personally, zombies don’t interest me much. In fact, they annoy me when they randomly pop up out of nowhere in Battle Royale Mode. I probably won’t be playing the Zombie content much and will stick to the more non-fantasy content in multiplayer mode.

Another notable addition in this update is the addition of controller support. If you would like to use a DUALSHOCK4 PlayStation 4 and official Xbox One controller you can now do so. If you choose to use a controller you will only be allowed to play against other players that are using controllers. I think this is an excellent idea to prevent anyone from having an advantage of disadvantage.

The last but not least notable addition is the map for Battle Royale Mode. They’ve added new areas to the map to explore as well as snow. While the additions are mainly aesthetic, I’m sure they are welcome additions for those that play that mode frequently.

Note – I have found one glitch that shipped in the update. In Zombie Mode while playing on my Pixel 2XL as the raid progresses and there are more zombies attacking and more gunfire the sound glitches out and is very choppy. My phone hasn’t had a problem up to this point so I assume it has something to do with the update.

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