Jim Lunsford
Columbus, Indiana, United States | | LinkedIn Profile

A versatile and seasoned professional, Jim Lunsford exemplifies a dual commitment to enhancing community safety and individual empowerment. As a Reserve Police Officer and Jail Officer, Jim demonstrates unwavering dedication to public safety and community well-being. Parallelly, as the visionary founder of Resilience Unleashed Empowerment Services, he transcends his law enforcement role to champion personal growth and resilience. Certified in life coaching, fitness training, and nutrition, Jim employs a holistic approach to foster mental, physical, and nutritional well-being. His career is a testament to his passion for service, spanning impactful contributions in law enforcement, personal development, and community empowerment.

Professional Experience:

  • Founder / Master Life Coach, Resilience Unleashed Empowerment Services: Spearheading a holistic empowerment platform that integrates life coaching, fitness, and nutrition to guide individuals toward personal and professional excellence.
  • Reserve Police Officer, Town of Prince’s Lakes: Dedicated to law enforcement, public safety, and fostering positive community relations.
  • Jail Officer, Brown County Sheriff’s Office: Ensuring facility security, inmate management, and procedural compliance within a correctional setting.


  • Developed and implemented personalized coaching programs that significantly improved clients’ life satisfaction and achievement of personal goals.
  • Successfully enhanced community safety through effective law enforcement strategies and constructive community engagement.
  • Authored inspiring content on resilience, health, and personal growth, cultivating a supportive and empowered community online.

Education & Certifications:

  • Comprehensive certifications from the Transformation Academy, including Master Life Coach, Health and Nutrition Life Coach, and several others.
  • Specializations in Positive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Mindfulness, Neuroscience of Leadership, and Leading People and Teams from renowned institutions.
  • Fitness Trainer and Diet And Nutrition Coach Certifications, ensuring a well-rounded approach to wellness coaching.

Skills: Leadership, Wellness Coaching, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Life Coaching, Diet and Nutrition Planning.

Jim’s career reflects a profound dedication to serving and uplifting the community through various facets of law enforcement and personal development. His commitment to continuous learning and professional growth further underscores his role as a catalyst for positive change within the community and in the lives of individuals seeking to unleash their full potential.