This tried to walk out…

I rarely post photos of the merchandise I recover after a theft incident but I am sort of proud of this one. $310.64 worth of merchandise tried to walk away without being paid for. It didn’t make it far.

Status Update – 03-03-2020 @ 0642

Today is my first day back at my old job. I still have two more days to do at the sheriff’s department this week. I wanted to go ahead and get started at my old job before I dive in headfirst next week. I’ll probably just do paperwork, get things organized, and get reacclimated to my surroundings. Who knows? I might even catch me a few bad guys.

Status Update – 03-02-2020 @ 0721

This week is my last week with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. Also this week I will be re-entering the world of loss prevention. I got an offer from the company I left in 2018 that I just can’t pass up. Honestly, I have missed this type of work. It’s time I get back to doing what I am good at again.