Make The Choice

5 years, 8 months, and 4 days ago I took my life back.

Since that day I’ve seen things I never thought I’d see. I’ve been places I never thought I’d be. I’ve done things I never knew I was capable of doing. It all started with a choice. The choice to live.

If you are struggling with addiction I want you to know there is a way out. The choice to live is yours to make. It’s not easy. It’s going to be hard. You have the power to overcome within you, though. You just have to find it and believe in yourself.

I believed. I never gave up. You can too. Make the choice.



But did you die?

I love the new t-shirt I got for Christmas from my daughter Lily.

‘But did you die?’ is a question everyone who is going through something that sucks should ask themselves. Does it hurt? Maybe. Does it make you sad? Possibly. But did you die? NO!

Get out of the corner of your safe room. Stop sucking your thumb while clutching your participation trophy. Stand up, face the issue, and never give up!.

That’s how I roll anyway.