This tried to walk out…

I rarely post photos of the merchandise I recover after a theft incident but I am sort of proud of this one. $310.64 worth of merchandise tried to walk away without being paid for. It didn’t make it far.

Sometimes things go sideways and….

I had an apprehension go sideways last night. The bad guy slipped away from me and 3 uniformed officers, I came home a little damaged, but the good guys got their merchandise back. It’s kind of a win but it feels like defeat when you don’t get the bad guy. I will though…. “Every Day: This isn’t a part-time gig. This isn’t punch the clock and go home for the

Status Update 03-25-2020 @ 0811

My work life is so insanely busy right now. While most of the world is slowing down (or even shutting down) my job doesn’t stop. Crime is starting to go up and I only see an escalation in incidents in the future. At least until the economy and people’s lives stabilize that is. I’m still having fun. I’m still enjoying myself. I still wake up eager to go to work

Status Update 03-16-2020 @ 0850

So it’s been a minute since I have actually posted anything to this site. Yes, my automated fitness updates have been posting daily but I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and type anything out. That’s a good thing though! The new gig has me busier than ever and I’m loving that fact. I’m on the go from the moment I wake up. While I’m on the job it’s

Status Update – 03-03-2020 @ 0642

Today is my first day back at my old job. I still have two more days to do at the sheriff’s department this week. I wanted to go ahead and get started at my old job before I dive in headfirst next week. I’ll probably just do paperwork, get things organized, and get reacclimated to my surroundings. Who knows? I might even catch me a few bad guys.

Status Update – 03-02-2020 @ 0721

This week is my last week with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. Also this week I will be re-entering the world of loss prevention. I got an offer from the company I left in 2018 that I just can’t pass up. Honestly, I have missed this type of work. It’s time I get back to doing what I am good at again.